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JUNE 2009, RAMSTEIN AIR FORCE BASE, GERMANY:  The United States Air Force (USAFE) retained EIC to evaluate the feasibility of recovering light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) at the Ramstein Airforce Base, in Germany.  Based on extensive delineation, the USAFE has defined a LNAPL plume in a bedrock environment beneath the base.  EIC will utilize its unique non-aqueous extraction technique (NETTM)-based system to perform recovery potential tests to determine the NAPL recovery potential from selected wells.  In particular, the tests will determine if NAPL recovery is sustainable or limited.  If found sustainable, the NETTM systems can be utilized to match recovery to recharge thus optimizing NAPL recovery until an end point is reached. As an added value, the NET systems are capable of utilizing Green Energy such as solar, wind, or hybrids at an energy demand of less than 1/1000th of competing technologies.

The remedial progress and end points can be verified utilizing EIC's patented Groundwater Factoring Technique (GFT).  If NAPL recovery is limited, alternative remedial measures will be considered.  This approach will help USAFE  eliminate perpetual NAPL liabilities in a cost-effective manner and within a reasonable time frame.  The USAFE authorized this task for EIC under a subcontract agreement with AMEC Earth & Environmental, Inc.


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