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FEB 2007, San Ramon, CA: Based on 13 consecutive years of service, Chevron extended its "Standing Services" contract with EIC until 2010.  In the past two decades, EIC has served both Chevron and Texaco under separate environmental services contracts in a wide geographic area within the USA and The Caribbean. In particular, EIC has helped Chevron reach "remedial end points" in record time.  Other services included environmental assessments, environmental remediation, litigation support, project management, data acquisition and storage (DAS), and related services. In performing these services, EIC has saved Chevron and Texaco over 3 million dollars in project costs using unique solutions.  EIC also takes pride in maintaining a "Zero " OSHA reportable incidence record (EMR 1.0) throughout the twelve years of service to Chevron.  Under the new contract, EIC will not only provide continued support on various on-going projects but will also offer Chevron other new and innovative technologies capable of saving time and money in a safe and secure environment.



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